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Features - Avery Index Cards, including two-sided printing, deck merging,
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See our extensive list of features, including two-sided printing, deck merging, card shuffling, and many more ....

printable flashcards Software

File Print
This command opens a window allowing you to choose how to print your flashcards.
  • Printer Name
    Choose the printer you wish to use from the list. This list is filled with all the available printers on your system, and the default printer is initially chosen.
  • Range
    Choose which cards to print. "All" is initially selected.
    • All – Print all the cards in the current flashcard deck
    • Cards [blank] to [blank] – Print a range of cards, starting from the card number indicated by the first blank, and going through the card number indicated by the last blank, inclusively. (For example, putting 3 and 6 in the blanks would result in cards 3, 4, 5, and 6 being printed from the current flashcard deck.)
    • Numbers – Choose specific flashcards to print, based on the card numbers. (For example, "3, 6, 8, 12, 19" or "3 6 8 12 19".)
  • Settings
    View and change printer-specific settings.
    • Color – This label shows if your printer is going to print in color
    • Duplex – This label shows if your printer is set to print on both sides
    • Properties The Properties button opens the custom settings for the chosen printer. Each printer’s settings vary; please see the manual for your printer for detailed information.
  • Page Style
    You can choose from a variety of paper stock if you are printing with either the Front and Back or Side by Side methods. (With Index Card method, you use 3x5 index cards).
    • Standard 6 Per Page- using regular office printer paper, this will print out 6 flashcards per page for Front and Back method or 3 per page for Side by Side method (since fronts and backs are both printed on the front of the paper). Lines are printed on the paper so that you can cut out your flashcards to study away from the computer.
    • Business Card Stock- Perforated business card stock can be used also which can save time in cutting and more cards can be printed per page. (be sure the style number matches: ie Avery 8371). Note that the data on your flashcards will be scaled to fit the smaller business card size so your information will appear smaller than on the regular flashcard size.
    • Index Card Stock- You also have the option to use Index Card Stock which allows you to print out perforated 3x5 index cards (3 per page). Again, be sure the style number matches: ie Avery 5388)
    • Print Adjustment - Some printers will be offset a little which can cause issues with cards that have a lot of information that come close to the edge of the cards or when printing on card stock. To adjust this offset, you can use the Print Adj. box. The number that needs to be entered in this box will vary from printer to printer and must be tested to determine the correct number to be entered. The ‘x box’ will adjust the printing horizontally and the ‘y box’ will adjust the printing vertically. The number you will enter will be the number of pixels that need to be adjusted. We suggest starting with small numbers, such as between 1 and 5 to test how far it is adjusted and then continue the adjustments from there.
  • Print
    This button sends the chosen cards in the chosen style to the chosen printer.
  • Print Preview
    This button opens a window that shows you how the flashcards will look once they are printed using the current printer. The following options are available:
    • Print icon – This button sends the chosen cards to the printer as if you had hit the main print button
    • Zoom icon – This button resets the zoom level to Auto, which fills the available space; to the right of the button is a list that allows you to choose the relative size of the preview based off of the actual print size (For example, 100% shows you the actual print size of the flashcard being previewed)
    • Pages icons – These buttons allow you to choose how many pages (1, 2, 3, 4, or 6) are shown in the preview
    • Close icon – This button closes the Print Preview window and returns you to the print window
  • Cancel Button
    This button closes the Print window without sending any flashcards to the printer.