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See our extensive list of features, including two-sided printing, deck merging, card shuffling, and many more ....

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studyPerfect is a unique flashcard program designed to help learners of all ages. With its simple yet intuitive design, it is a useful study aid for anyone in the family. Whether you need to study straight facts for law school, need to upload anatomy images for medical school, need the ability to draw molecules on your flashcards for chemistry or simply need math flashcards for your elementary student, studyPerfect has all you need to meet these needs.

Perfect for Many Types of Students!

College students, home schoolers, K-12, professors and teachers, law students, medical students, and so many more have found studyPerfect a very useful tool in gaining and retaining knowledge in their given subject. With a user friendly interface, studyPerfect is a versatile study tool that can continually be useful even as your study needs change or increase in complexity.

Perfect for Many Subjects!

Various features available in studyPerfect make it an invaluable aid to studying an endless variety of subjects. Upload images onto your flashcards for subjects and topics such as art history, flags of the world, American presidents, anatomy, geography, sign language, and biology. studyPerfect makes it very simple to insert accent characters of foreign languages opening the opportunity to study languages such as French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Greek and more. You can also draw freehand to customize your cards at an even higher level. Chemistry molecules, irregular shapes, plant cells, colors, or any image you may require can all be drawn to meet your specific needs. And the use of markers enables you to numerically label an image so that you can easily list the answers on the back of the flashcard.

Repetition Repetition Repetition

Studies have shown that being exposed to information repeatedly allows you to be able to remember that information more easily. Michael Tipper (, a specialist in educational applications of Accelerated Learning principles and techniques, states that, “…the more times that you repeat patterns of thought, for example when learning new information, the more likely you will be able to recall that information. So repetition is a key part of learning.” Rote memorization – the repetition of facts until they become lodged into the brain – is probably the most important concept in learning and memory. studyPerfect allows you to expose yourself to this kind of repetition, through flashcard study, to help you to improve your learning and retain information more efficiently.

Additional Benefits

Environmentally conscious students have been attracted to studyPerfect for the fact that the user can get all the benefit of studying flashcards without using even one piece of paper if they choose. With studyPerfect, you can create, edit, and study your flashcards all on the convenience of your computer with time saving efficiency.
Print your cards so you can continue to study even when you are away from your computer. studyPerfect has a variety of printing options to choose from including print and cut, perforated card stock and 3x5 cards.
In addition, having your flashcards saved on your computer eliminates the worry about whether you have all your flashcards from previous tests and quizzes throughout the year. When it comes time to study for your finals, you can have the confidence that every one of your flashcards are saved safely on your computer and have not been accidentally misplaced during the semester.

Efficiency is the Key!

Maximizing your study time is considered one of the most important steps to take to retain knowledge. Simply put, the less time it takes to create your flashcards, the more time you will have to study them! studyPerfect makes creating flashcards extremely easy and highly efficient. The simple colorful icons help you to easily navigate through the user interface. Short cut key combinations are available with the goal that you will not need to use the mouse at all if you choose.
The ability to save and combine flashcard decks organizes and simplifies the task of studying for final exams or multiple subjects at one time. Click here to view studyPerfect's features in detail.

Try studyPerfect!

We are convinced that studyPerfect will help save you time and energy when studying for your given subject. Download our fully featured Trial Version for 30 days and see for yourself how studyPerfect can help you improve your learning starting now.