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Features - Avery Index Cards, including two-sided printing, deck merging,
                                            card shuffling


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See our extensive list of features, including two-sided printing, deck merging, card shuffling, and many more ....

printable flashcards Software

Creating flashcard

decks is very simple with studyPerfect. We have included the following ‘tour’ to help get you started using your studyPerfect

flashcard software

. Use the subject headings to help you jump to the topics you are interested in.


Click on Download Trial
Choose either the exe. File or zip. File (in the case that your browser blocks exe. Files)
Save studyPerfect to your computer then Run it.
Follow the studyPerfect Setup Wizard instructions
Try it out and be sure to contact us on our website with any questions or suggestions.
We are always looking for ways for studyPerfect to better meet our customer’s needs.
After 30 days, the trial period will end and studyPerfect will deactivate on your computer. By purchasing studyPerfect, you will reactivate your copy of studyPerfect. The settings and any

flashcard decks

you saved during the trial will be will resume as they were during the trial period.


When studyPerfect opens, it is all set up for you to start

creating your flashcards

Choose from the icons located above the flashcards whether you want textual or graphical. Once this is chosen, the appropriate tool bar will open on the left of the screen so you can

customize your flashcards

the way that best suits your needs. Hovering your mouse over any of the icons will display a message of what that particular icon does. If you need any further assistance with any of these icons, you can visit the Help Menu. The Help Menu can be very useful to trouble shoot or walk you through the use of any feature in studyPerfect. And you are always welcome to contact us for further assistance.
While creating cards, you can always press Tab on your keyboard to move from the front to the back or vice versa.
Titling each of your cards can be helpful especially when using Quick View to be able to navigate to a particular card in your deck quickly. Quick View will list all cards in the current deck. If you choose not to title the


, studyPerfect will use the first few words typed on the front or back as the title.
Click on the Add New Card icon below the cards or press Ctrl+Shift+A or Ctrl+N to add a new card. To see more short cuts, click here.
Once you have

created your flashcard deck

, you are ready to study them!


Click on the Study tab at the top of the screen to switch from Edit to Study Mode.
Hover over the icons in the tool bar on the left side of the screen and so you can familiarize yourself with the different study options available. (These icons are different than the icons in Edit mode)
Use the icons located beneath the current flashcard to flip from front to back and to move to the next or previous card. This can also be done with the arrow keys located on your keyboard.
Click on the Shuffle icon in the Navigation tool bar to randomize the order in which the cards are shown, or click on the Order icon to return them to the original order. You can also choose or randomize which side of the flashcards are displayed in the Display tool bar.
Once you are familiar with a card, you can hide it by using on the Hide icon located in the Navigation tool bar. This way, you can concentrate your studies on the cards you know less well. At any time you can click on Restore and all hidden cards will be returned to the deck.


Click on Buy Now on the studyPerfect homepage.
Enter the required information.
Enter the number of copies you would like to purchase. One licensed copy is what most users will need unless you are purchasing for multiple computers, a classroom, etc.
Select where you heard of studyPerfect (optional) and then click Next.
Confirm the information is correct on the next screen and click Continue.
At this point you will be guided by Paypal through the payment process. You can pay by all major credit cards, Paypal account balance, and bank transfers.
An email will be sent to you containing your Activation Key. Once you receive your Activation Key, return to the website and click on Download/Activation.
Download the software only if you have not already downloaded the trial version. Those who have downloaded the trial do not need to download again.
Register using your Activation Key.
Save the file where you would like it to be located on your computer.
Now you are ready to use studyPerfect! (or continue using it if you used the trial) 
The first time you use studyPerfect, you will need to follow the wizard setup instructions.


We hope this has helped you to get a good start in

creating your flashcards

. We thank you for letting us join you on the road to making your study time the most organized and efficient it can be. If you have any suggestions how studyPerfect can better meet your studying needs, please contact us to let us know. We are always striving for ways to make studyPerfect even more beneficial to our users.