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See our extensive list of features, including two-sided printing, deck merging, card shuffling, and many more ....

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Card Colors

Besides the fact that it will ease your eyes of ‘snow blindness’, you can group your cards by subject matter, book chapters, etc. by using different colors on your flashcards. Note that if you decide to

print your cards

, the color chosen for the cards will not be printed, but they will print the same as uncolored cards.


Markers can be extremely useful on uploaded images and hand drawn graphics. For example, if you upload a picture of a plant cell, you can place the numbered markers next to selected parts of the cell that you want to


. Then on the reverse side of the card, list the cell parts with the corresponding number. Numbering on the reverse side can be done easily using number bullets (found in ‘Format’ on the Menu bar).
If you are trying to learn the structure of a water molecule for example, you could draw out the molecule (also a helpful way to memorize) and leave some of the elements blank. Instead of filling in the elements, place markers in their place, then list what they are on the reverse side of the card. Note that markers can only be used on graphical cards, and not on textual cards.

Add New Cards Quickly

Rather than clicking your mouse on the ‘Add new card’ icon each time you would like to add a new card, you can also simply press Ctrl+Shift+A or Ctrl+N. There are many shortcuts in studyPerfect like this one available for you to use. You can find these listed in the Help Menu (press F1 for shortcut to the Help Menu), then click on ‘Shortcuts.’

Upload Images

Take advantage of the wealth of information and images available to you on the web. You can save a lot of time by searching for images to upload onto your cards rather than scanning text book images or drawing them by hand.


Flip Through Cards Quickly

In addition to clicking on the arrow icons to navigate through your


, you can also use the arrow pad located on your keyboard to flip through your cards. Side arrows navigate through the cards. Up and down arrows flip your current card.

Merge/Combine Flashcard Decks

Make flashcards

for each test throughout the semester. Many teachers finals are a combination of the tests that were given over the semester.

Merge your flashcard

decks together to make one large deck for studying for finals.
When studying for a test in a study group, divide up between the study group members which cards each member will make. Share the card decks with each other (emailing the file, saving to disk, etc.) then merge the decks together.
You can also Save this merged deck under a different file name if you would like it to remain combined.

Display Different Sides First

Once you are familiar with your flashcards, you can add a little extra challenge by choosing to have the back side shown first or randomly have the back or front side shown first. This can help reinforce your knowledge and add variety to your studying to keep you focused.

Shuffle the Deck Order

Keep yourself alert and keep studying interesting by randomizing the order of your deck. You can always return to the original order by clicking on the ‘Order’ icon.

Hide the Number and/or Flashcard Side

Combining this feature along with randomizing the order and which side is displayed first can help you to more fully concentrate on the content of the card, rather than where it is positioned in the deck. This can be especially useful if card subjects were grouped together while creating the deck.

Hide Cards You Know Well

Once you find yourself flipping past certain cards quickly because you know them well, click on the hide icon. The card will remain in the deck but will not be shown again until you click on the Restore icon. This helps to focus your studying on the cards that you need to be tested on the most.