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Features - Avery Index Cards, including two-sided printing, deck merging,
                                            card shuffling


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See our extensive list of features, including two-sided printing, deck merging, card shuffling, and many more ....

printable flashcards Software
Features - including two-sided printing, deck merging,card shuffling
StudyPerfect has everything that you would expect from a

flashcard program

  • Study and Edit modes
  • Randomizing and Sorting
  • Card Fronts and Backs
  • Full Word Processing Power
    • Change Fonts
    • Insert Tables
    • Bullets and Numbering
  • Comprehensive Image Handling
    • Edit and move graphics
    • Put both images and text on the same card
    • Use numbered markers to test yourself on different parts of an image
  • Advanced Deck Manipulation
    • Merge decks, so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you study
    • Hide cards (a great way to quickly zero in on the area where you really want to study)
  • Configurable Printing
    • StudyPerfect supports Duplex printing
    • ... Index card printing
    • ... Side-to-side printing
    • ... However you want to print
  1. Study Flashcards or StudyCards or Notecards.Deck Study Mode
    This is where you will spend most of your time. In study mode, you can go as quickly as you want through your cards, in whatever order you like (including randomly, or only the back side, or only the front sides, or random side first ...). You can zoom in and out, taking advantage of the size of your monitor. You can also hide cards. (Why? Well, maybe you downloaded our basic math deck, but all you want your child to study is adding from 1 to 5; hide the extra cards, then add them back when she is ready for more.)
    1. Front side, back side, or random side first.
      Choose which side of the card will be displayed first.
    2. Zooming  Flashcards or StudyCards or Notecards. Zooming
      Zoom in to make the card larger, or zoom out to bring it back to its original size.
    3. Sort Shuffle Flashcards or StudyCards Sort/Shuffle
      Sort the cards in the order that you added them, or shuffle the deck so that the cards are displayed randomly.
    4. Hide Restore Flashcards or StudyCards Hide/Restore Cards
      If you want to temporarily not see a card, but don't want to delete it from the deck (maybe you already know what is on that card, for instance), then you can hide it. After you have hidden cards, you can make them visible again by restoring them.
  2. Create and Edit Flashcards or StudyCardsDeck Edit Mode
    In edit mode you can add, change, or delete cards. You can choose whether the current card is in text mode (giving you access to bullets and numbering and text formatting) or graphics mode (giving you access to drawing and editing tools).

    Cards come in two flavors: Text and Graphic.

    1. Text Flashcards or StudyCardsText
      Text gives you control of font formatting, bullets and numbering, and other text-related options.
      1. Change Font Flashcards or StudyCardsFont
        Choose the font style (Arial, Times New Roman, Script, etc.) you like, and all the font options you would want (size, bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, sub- and superscript, etc.)
      2. Change Alignment Flashcards or StudyCards Alignments
        Align text horizontally and/or vertically.
      3. Add Tables Flashcards or StudyCardsTables
        Add tables (you know, columns and rows in a rectangle). You choose the number of columns and rows.
      4. Bullets
        Put things in a list (like this one). The list can have bullets or numbers in several styles, and can have as many levels of indentation as you would like.
      5. Image insertion
        You can add images to your text-formatted sides, and your text will automatically wrap around them.
    2. Graphic Flashcards or StudyCardsGraphic
      Graphic gives you image loading and sizing, simple drawing and graphic editing capabilities, and numbered markers.
      1. Load Image Flashcards or StudyCards Load Image
        Load images in whatever way you like.
        1. Auto-fit
          This makes your image fit to the size of the card (the image will stretch or shrink as needed).
        2. Top Left
          This keeps the size of the original image and puts the top left corner of the image in the top left corner of the card.
        3. Center
          This keeps the size of the original image, and puts the center of the image in the center of the card.
      2. Drawing Paint Capabilities Flashcards or StudyCards Simple Drawing/Paint Capabilities
        You can do simple drawing and painting.
        1. Lines
        2. Freehand
          You can draw freehand, meaning that however your mouse moves, the line you are drawing moves.
        3. Straight Line
          You can also draw using only straight lines, if that is your preference.
        4. Change Brush
          You can change the size of the lines/shapes and the colors used in drawing them.
        5. Shapes
        6. Box
          You can make a rectangle, and it will be outlined with one color and (optionally) filled with another.
        7. Circle
          You can make a circle, and it will be outlined in one color and (optionally) filled with another, just like the Box.
        8. Fill
          You can fill an area surrounded by one color with a color of your choice.
        9. Selection
          You can select a rectangular section.
      3. Markers
        You can indicate different places on your card with numbered markers. You can place those markers anywhere on the card, and choose different colors for the markers (giving you an extra layer of grouping).
  3. Print Flashcards or StudyCardsPrinting
    • Two-sided printing - You can use true "duplex" printing if your printer supports it, or you can print all the fronts, then flip the paper over, and print all the backs.
    • Side-to-side printing - You can print the cards on the same side of the paper, which allows you to either cut them out and glue them onto something else (to create a more permanent set of flashcards, for instance), or to fold the paper to create regular flashcards.
    • Single 3x5 card printing - If your printer supports it, you can print directly to 3x5 index cards.
  4. Merge Flashcards or StudyCardsDeck Merging
    If you have two decks that you would like to put together (maybe you have an addition deck and a subtraction deck, and you want a basic math deck, for instance), you can merge them into one deck.
  5. Themes
    You can choose the "Default" theme (the gray color that most programs have), use the current Windows theme, or pick from any of the available themes on your computer.
  6. Organize Card Flashcards or StudyCardsOrganize Cards
    Maybe you are studying a book that has different chapters or sections ... or a country with different regions ... or an organism with different systems ... or an organization chart with different groups .... Whatever you are studying, you might find it useful to change the background color to add a grouping layer to your flashcards.
  7. Organize Downloadable Decks
    Go to , and click "Downloads" to find available decks for many different areas. These are decks that we at LuminareSoft thought our customers might frequently find useful (either for the knowledge in the cards, or as examples of how you can use the different features of studyPerfect).